Amanda Kloots: Broadway star husband Nick Cordero is ‘profoundly weak,’ ‘interacts with his eyes’

Broadway star Nick Cordero has a long way to go in his recovery. 

Amanda Kloots Thursday offered the latest update on the condition of her husband, who has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit for 85 days from coronavirus complications. 

In an Instagram post, fitness instructor Kloots said her husband “is profoundly weak. Imagine how you feel getting the flu and how it can take your body a full week to recover. Now imagine how Nicks body feels, all that he has gone through and how long it will take him to recover. This will take time, a long time.”  

She continued: “He interacts with his eyes, answering questions by looking up for yes and down for no. When he is alert he can also move his jaw,” which is the only motion he can manage. She previously revealed that Cordero has lost 65 pounds from muscle atrophy.

In Thursday’s update, Kloots explained that she has “been doing passive physical therapy on him to help in any way I can to get him stronger, to keep his joints moving and engage his muscles. He cannot move his body yet.” She added that he has had some minor blood infections, but that they are under control and that “he is relatively stable.”

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